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Why Can't I Upload Images in Weebly?

Can't Upload Images in Weebly? Here's How to Fix this Issue.

Having issues uploading images in Weebly? This issue often stems from a different variety of potential causes. In this article, I'll go over some effective solutions to this problem.

Try a Different Web Browser in Incognito Mode

The first step to resolving this annoying issue is to try using a different web browser, and in Incognito mode. Often, an image upload issue is due to cookies or stored cache. Using Incognito mode fixes this issue, while using a different website browser helps as well.

I recommend using Google Chrome when editing your Weebly website. If you're having issues with image upload in Google Chrome, try using Mozilla Firefox instead.

In fact, I generally recommend editing your Weebly website in Incognito mode. It helps speed things up significantly.

Click here for steps on how to open Google Chrome in Incognito mode.

Did You Make Any Custom Code Changes to Your Theme?

If you made any custom changes to your website theme's HTML/CSS/JS code before you encountered this error, chances are this is the culprit.


If you made any changes to the {content} tags, ensure that they have a unique identifier (i.e {uniquevalue:content:global})

If you did not make any custom changes to your website code, don't worry about this and continue to the next step.

Check the Image You're Uploading

Check the image you're trying to upload, and ensure that it meets Weebly requirements. As a note, Weebly only accepts .JPG (or .JPEG), .PNG, .GIF image types. Weebly does not accept .SVG image types.

Also make sure that your Weebly image isn't too large. You might be freaking out the Weebly builder if you attempt to upload a massive image (such as ones downloaded from Unsplash).

As a side note, your image should be under 2MB. That's just good practice for ensuring fast loading speed.

Still Having Image Upload Issues in Weebly?

If you're still having issues with image uploads, leave a comment below describing your situation and I'll do my best to help!

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