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Top 5 Premium Weebly Themes of 2023 (Updated)

Here are the best premium Weebly themes on the market today

A premium Weebly theme is the best way to upgrade your Weebly website.

The default free Weebly themes are quite boring and stale, and they're very unoptimized which means your website search ranking ends up suffering.

These premium Weebly themes, on the other hand, are an excellent way to give your Weebly website a massive boost in both looks and performance.

Not only will your Weebly website look great, but it will also score much higher in search engines like Google. All of that means more website visitors, and more revenue.

Weebly themes provide both the design and front-end functionality for your Weebly website. It's the most important component of your website, and it's the component that the user interacts with the most. That's why picking the right Weebly theme is so important.

But with so many themes on the market, how do you pick? 

Well, I've spent the past few weeks checking the newest themes out, and can finally get my yearly review out. Here is the list of the top 5 premium Weebly themes of 2023.

1. Oxygen Theme

A screenshot of the Oxygen theme.

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For 2023, the Oxygen theme received a series of upgrades and improvements.

I reviewed this theme in years prior, but it's still my favorite theme.

The design is absolutely gorgeous, and the header sliders, parallax, onepage scroll, and its huge collection of other features make this my favorite Weebly theme to-date.

And, the developers of this theme, Luminous Themes, still have the best customer support in the market. I've had trouble getting support from the other theme developers, but Luminous Themes has always been lightning quick with support.

2. Pristine Theme

A screenshot of the Pristine theme

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This theme is a newcomer, and I like it a lot.

It's got a different design style than Oxygen. It's very elegant.

I've built websites for a few clients with this theme, and websites in any niche where elegance is desired do really well with this theme.

I just built a site for a client who runs a ski resort in Canada, and this theme was ideal.

Pristine also has a bunch of gorgeously styled prebuilt components which make building websites so much quicker. Just drag and drop these components and you're all set.

3. Mocha Theme

Screenshot of the Mocha theme for Weebly

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I absolutely love this theme.

I'm currently using it to build a website for a client, and it's a gorgeous theme.

This is one of the few dark-themed Weebly themes out there, and it does it perfectly.

For starters, this theme is absolutely packed with features. We're talking content carousels (finally!), header sliders, tons of prebuilt components, and all these beautiful animations.

If you're looking for a dark themed website design to spice things up, I highly recommend Mocha.

Oh, and it comes with video tutorials, though it was so easy to use I didn't really have to do much research.

4. Equinox Theme

Equinox Theme for Weebly

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At the time of me writing this, Equinox is just a few days old.

But I've already played around with it, and oh man. It's a phenomenal theme.

First things first--it has the largest collection of prebuilt designer components I've ever seen in a Weebly theme.

And these components look absolutely great. They are stunning.

They make building websites so much easier. Instead of manually designing each block, all you have to do is drag and drop a prebuilt component. And that's it!

It's also probably the most customizable theme I've ever used. There are over 50 built in theme toggles and options to choose from.

Another feature I absolutely love in Equinox is their Dynamic Blog feature. What it does is simple yet awesome--it lets you display your latest blog posts on your homepage.

Traditionally in Weebly this was not possible, but the folks at Luminous made it happen.

5. Pacific Theme

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I really like this theme's design.

It's got many of the same features that the other aforementioned themes have, and the design is simply great.

It's a very relaxing vibe. Plus the animations are really cool.

So there you have it! The top 5 premium Weebly themes on the market today.

Do you have any other themes you like? Please share in the comments! I love reading what you guys have to say.

Until next time!

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