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Top 5 Essential Apps from the Weebly App Center

The Weebly App Center is an amazing resource. Although Weebly by default doesn't have that many widgets and functionality, it makes up for it with the App Center. With just a click of a button, you can add a vast array of functionality to your website. Popups, animations, Klingon translators, you name it! 

The only issue is, there are so many apps, it's hard to pick the right one. The App Center is in a bit of anarchy right now. There are lots of absolute gems, but there are also many bug prone apps that can ruin your website if you're not careful.

In my time using Weebly, I've probably used a hundred apps. I've figured out which apps are worth it, and which ones are a waste of time. Today, I'll be sharing this critical knowledge with you. Some of these apps are  paid, and some are free, but I'll create a guide on the best free apps on the Weekly App Center soon too.

Sometimes, the simplest apps are the best ones.

#5 - Testimonial Slider by Baamboo Studio ($5 USD)

A ton of gorgeous styles for testimonials to choose from

Testimonials are important. Everyone knows that. At a subconscious level, people tend to trust a business or organization more if others vouch for it.

The problem is, Weebly by default doesn't really have a good way of showcasing testimonials. As we've discussed, design is key. You want every element on your website to look good. This is where Baamboo Studio's Testimonial Slider comes in.

This app is simple: it showcases testimonials in a slider format. But it does so brilliantly. The designs you get to choose from are unbelievable, and they look gorgeous. It's also very easy to use, and my experience with it has been very positive. I simply love this app. If you need to display testimonials, this is the app for you.


#4 - Content Color Box (FREE)

Great for organizing your website's content

You'll never guess what this app does! Yeah, it's a colored text box. But like I said, simplicity is key. This app lets you add "boxes" to your site with a colored background. Then you can put text, images, anything you want inside of the box. Think that's lame? You thought wrong. This is an extremely powerful app because a dynamic webpage with lots of different "sections" can really spice up your website, as long as you use colors from the same color scheme.


#3 Gallery Filter by Waddons Team ($15 USD)

Are you an artist, web designer, photographer, or anyone else in the creative design industry? You need a gallery filter.

One feature that Weebly lacks is a gallery filter. For example, lets say you're a photographer. You've got a gallery on your website with many different images and categories. Lets say you want to sort the images, so that prospective clients could sort your images based on category. Weebly doesn't let you do that, but this handy Gallery Filter by Waddons sure does. With this ridiculously easy to use Weebly App, you can create a gorgeous gallery with selectable and toggle filters in no time.


#2 - Column Lock by Waddons Team (FREE!)

This app is a lifesaver for those of us trying to make our sites look excellent on mobile

The column lock app is another incredibly useful Weebly app, which makes your site look better on mobile devices. To understand what it does, you need to understand what Weebly does to make your website mobile friendly. You see, when a visitor accesses your website through their phones, Weebly takes all your side-by-side columns and stacks them on top of each other. So even if you have a row of columns that are side by side on desktop, on mobile devices, they'll be stacked on top of each other.

This strategy certainly works, sure, but it doesn't always yield the best results. Sometimes, you just want your columns to be on one line even on mobile devices. It used to be impossible to do in Weebly, until Waddon came along and created this column lock app. Quite simply, it lets you create columns that maintain their structure on mobile devices as illustrated in the pic above.

Waddons is an incredible developer of Weebly apps. All of their stuff is superb, and I enjoy using very many of their apps. This app is another winner.


#1 - The X App by Baamboo Studio ($25 USD)

X App lets you create gorgeous Weebly layouts in seconds

It's a little pricier than the typical Weebly app, but it's worth every penny. It revolutionizes the way you create Weebly websites. X App lets you add intricate and gorgeous structured layouts to your Weebly website, stuff that you can't do in Weebly by default. We're talking 50/50 split sections, full-width sections, and more. Even better, it only takes seconds for you to add this. X App is essentially Weebly on steroids. There's almost nothing you can't do with it. With a few clicks, you'll be well on your way in creating a fantastic Weebly website. Baamboo Studio is also a very trusted developer, and they've been around for years making Weebly products. You can't go wrong with their stuff.

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