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Luminous Themes Full Review - Are They Good for Weebly Users?

Review of Luminous Themes - Updated for 2022

RATING: 4.9/5 | One of the best developers of third party Weebly themes. Visit Luminous Themes.

What I like:

  • Incredibly fast and helpful customer support.
  • Drag 'n Drop Page Builder for their themes, an EXTREMELY useful feature
  • Absolutely gorgeous theme designs.
  • Easiest themes to use on the market.
  • Tons of customization options and settings, all accessible in-editor.
  • Super easy-to-understand video/step-by-step instructions.
  • Flawless compatibility with Weebly.

What I don't like:

  • Limited number of themes. Make more themes please!

Full review below!

Update: This review was updated for 2022. Luminous is still the highest-quality Weebly themes provider on the market today.

Weebly is a fantastic website builder. It has so much going for it. It's the easiest website builder to use out there. It's also the most functional with its App Center. But when it comes to website template design, well...this is where Weebly slips.

Weebly's default website themes suck. You know it, I know it. Let's not beat around the bush here. Weebly's default free themes have awful designs, their customization offerings suck, and they're just too basic.

Thankfully, there is a solution. You don't have to be stuck with Weebly's free default themes. Weebly lets you upload custom, third party Weebly themes onto your Weebly website. The great news is, these custom premium Weebly themes are typically much better than free default made-by-Weebly themes.

P.S check out my review of the top 3 Weebly theme providers out there.

Luminous Themes is one of the leading developers of premium Weebly themes. My readers have been bugging me for weeks to review these guys, and I gave in. A few days ago, I purchased some of their themes and tested out their customer support to see how good of a company they are.

What's the verdict? After using their products, I can confidently say that they are the best premium Weebly theme company out there. And I'm not being paid to say that. Here's why I think so strongly of them.

To create this review, I've organized this review into three parts. First, I'll go over their product quality. That is, their themes. I'll explore how easy they are to use, their quality and design, as well as some other stuff.

Next, I'll describe the experiences I had with their customer support (note: they had no idea that I was going to write a review about them. For all intents and purposes, in their eyes, I was just a regular customer).

Finally, I'll give you my final thoughts. Keep in mind that I've purchased themes from every other major theme provider (Baamboo Studio, Webfire themes, ModernWeb, RoomyThemes...etc.) so I have a good level of context to compare these guys to.

PART 1: Theme Quality- Are They Good? How Easy are They to Use?

For the making of this review, I purchased their "Apollo" Weebly theme. I liked its design, and it seemed to be their latest theme. Unfortunately, they don't have many themes to choose from. But it seems like they aim for "quality over quantity" because the themes that they DO have, well, they're absolutely gorgeous. If you've got an eye for design, you'll really appreciate the work and detail they put into 'em.

When I clicked on "buy now" I was greeted to this page to select which edition of Apollo I'd like to buy. I got lucky enough to buy the theme on a limited time sale day--yesterday, there was no sale.

Screenshot of their pricing

It's pretty self-explanatory. They got two editions--one for "regular" Weebly folks who just want one website (it gives you a single license to use) and another "developer's edition" for, well, developers who use Weebly to create sites for clients. I think the biggest difference between these two is that developer's edition gives you a multi-use license (meaning you can use Apollo on multiple live websites).

I went ahead and purchased the "standard edition" for $59. Luminous Themes is pricier than its competitors, but not by much. A theme is a critical investment into your website (and overall, your brand) so don't be afraid to treat yo self. Still, my expectations got a lot higher when I saw the price.

Right after I purchased the theme, I got taken to a page where I could download it.

I downloaded the file (it's a zip) and opened up the instructions to see how to install the theme.

The instructions / documentation are very nice. It's all step-by-step with a mix of text and video tutorials. The coolest part is the tutorial website was made in Weebly with Apollo. It's always a good sign when a theme company uses its own products!

The Luminous Themes Apollo instructions

As you can see, the instructions are logically divided into subsections for each feature. It's all very neat and organized.

I majored in information science so I love it when information is presented in such an easy-to-understand way.

They even tell you how long each tutorial will take, and it's difficulty level.

I installed Apollo into Weebly without any issue. It's all step by step and the process is just done with a few clicks. Upload a file and you're done.

Screenshot of the Weebly Apollo screen
Here I am building my Weebly website with Apollo

I installed Apollo, and my website instantly looked 10x better. Yay!

First off, the design: I absolutely love Apollo's design. It's sleek, it's minimalistic, yet it's bold. It's one of those multi-use themes that will look good on any website--regardless of whether its for a corporate business or an artist.

Now, let's talk about the ease of use.

Apollo is super easy to use.

Let me say that again: Apollo is ridiculously easy to use.

Okay so the reason I'm so impressed is because most of the time, third-party premium Weebly themes would be a bit harder to use than default Weebly themes. For a good reason too, they had an impressive feature set which required some tweaking the code.

But Apollo? EVERY feature in Apollo, from its fancy header sliders to its insane parallax effect, can be controlled completely in the Weebly drag 'n drop editor. No coding required. No needing to weed your way through 1000 lines of CSS trying to find that darn line to edit a hex code. Nope. Apollo integrates beautifully with Weebly and there's no technical skill required.

Apollo is the easiest premium Weebly theme I've ever used. Heck, its easier to use than some default Weebly themes.

The experience is also silk smooth. No lag, no stutters.

Wanna see something even cooler? Check out the level of customization that this bad boy provides.

Take a look at the left column. Apollo literally lets you change ANYTHING about itself.

You know how I complain about default free Weebly themes not having enough customization? I mean seriously, those default themes don't even let you change their nav colors.

But Apollo...oh man, Apollo lets you customize literally EVERYTHING.

Luminous Themes have integrated a sh*t ton of options in the editor. You have complete control over the branding of your site. You can change the navigation style, hide or show icons, change the button colors and hovers, the list is endless. The coolest part?? You don't have to edit a single line of code!

If you've ever used a premium Weebly theme from some other developer, you'll appreciate this. They give you full control over your entire website. This lets you effortlessly establish proper branding.

But enough about the customization, lets move on to the features.

Apollo has a ton of cool features such as header sliders, parallax, vertical onepage navigation...etc. It's all shown in their demo.

What's even better is all of these mindblowing features and designs (which you won't see in default Weebly themes) are incredibly easy to use. Noticing a common theme here? (Pun intended).

The header sliders are all drag and drop. The parallax sections are also all drag and drop. Image uploads are done with a click. It's all so beautiful I think I'm gonna cry.

Seriously, these guys have changed the game when it comes to premium Weebly themes.

Anyhoo, I love Apollo. It's made my life so much easier.

It's the best premium Weebly theme I've used to date. Better than any offering anywhere else.

For theme quality, Luminous Themes gets a resounding 10/10.

PART 2: Luminous Themes Customer Support -- How Good are They?

Customer support is extremely important, especially in the realm of premium Weebly themes.

Things can go wrong. You can get stuck. Maybe there was an update that ruined something.

So I ventured out to test Luminous themes's support.

You know how on some sites, when you highlight the text (to copy and paste, say), the highlight is a different color than the light-blue that it normally is? It's a really cool effect that I wanted to replicate on my site with Apollo. It was also a good opportunity to test customer support response times.

They have a customer support helpdesk site where I made an account. Then, I submitted my ticket with my request.

I was expecting to get a reply within a few hours so I logged off.

But what happened next blew my mind.

I did not have to wait "a few hours" to get a reply. I got a response in three minutes after I sent my ticket.

Three minutes.


I couldn't believe my eyes. I was expecting four hours. But man, James from Luminous Themes Support responded to my ticket in three minutes!

This is by far the fastest response time I've seen in any company. And they were super helpful about it, too! 

Now, I live on the east coast of the US. I'm pretty sure they are based on the east coast too.

But still, a response time of three minutes is absolutely amazing.

The second time, I decided to send another ticket, this time at night (11PM) to see what their response time was. They replied to me in about 30 minutes. Still absolutely incredible. 

Their support is excellent, too. I've talked to James and Katie from the Luminous Themes support team and bombarded them with questions.

And you know what? They were so nice. Like not the usual customer service "nice." No, beyond that. They were complimenting my website and really making my day.

I'm just really glad companies like this still exist in the world today. It seems like everyone forgot about customer service. Well, everyone except for Luminous Themes.

Their official policy is to answer tickets within 24 hours, but in my experience, you'll receive a reply much sooner.

Also, do note that they had no clue that I was writing a review about them. So they couldn't have faked it.

In their eyes, I was just a regular customer with a regular question.

I give them an overwhelming 10/10 for support.

Part 3: My Final Thoughts on Luminous Themes

I love these guys.

They're now my favorite Weebly theme provider. No, I did not get paid to write this review. They didn't even give me the product for free. Heck, they didn't even know I was writing this review about them! These are my geniune thoughts as a Weebly user.

I love everything about them. Their themes are top-notch (I just wish they made more!). They're also non-intimidating for beginners and super easy to grasp.

Their customer support is also absolutely amazing. James, Katie, if you're reading this, you guys are awesome and super helpful. Thank you for the quick and in-depth help.

I highly recommend Luminous Themes for your Weebly design needs. They're a great company run by great people doing great things.

Visit Luminous Themes by clicking here.

Check out their Apollo theme that I used.

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