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Full Review of the Oxygen Weebly Theme by Luminous Themes

Oxygen Premium Weebly Theme by Luminous Themes - Full 2021 Review

RATING: 4.9/5 | Best Premium Weebly Theme on the Market Today.

Click here to check out Oxygen.

What I like:

  • Absolutely stunning flexible design
  • Incredibly useful game-changing "Page Builder" drag and drop tool comes standard with theme
  • Very easy to use even for absolute beginners
  • Excellent instructions and documentations
  • Wide variety of cool mobile-friendly responsive design features that add more "spice" to your website
  • Works very well with Weebly, full compatibility with eCommerce
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Great customer support with *insanely* fast response times (shoutout to Katie) 

What I don't like:

  • Not the biggest fan of some of the default button colors, but these can easily be changed in-editor.


After about a month of using the Oxygen theme from Luminous Themes, I can confidently say that this is the best premium Weebly theme I've used yet. It raises the bar for premium Weebly themes.

Full review below!

As someone who uses the Weebly builder to create sites for my clients, I've spent hundreds of dollars on premium Weebly themes. Using a premium Weebly theme is critical if you're serious about your Weebly website because, quite frankly, the default free Weebly themes are absolutely terrible.

Picking the right premium Weebly theme can be tricky, though. There are quite a few Weebly theme providers on the market, and it's hard to figure out which one is the best.


While there are many excellent players in this area, Luminous Themes is, in my opinion, currently the top Weebly theme developer in the market. I've used their products before and have continuously been impressed by their quality and customer support.

I've talked about how good the company is in my prior reviews, which you can read by going through my tutorials.

I noticed that there aren't really many in-depth reviews of premium Weebly themes online, which is a shame considering how big this market is.

Since I had already purchased Oxygen, I thought I might as well do a full comprehensive review on it, covering every aspect of the theme.

If you're short on time, the verdict is that it's the best premium Weebly theme that I've ever used. Period.

Note: Luminous just came out with a new theme called their Pristine theme. At the time of this review, I have not had the chance to try it out but I will soon, time permitting.

If you're interested in the details, and what makes me so confident about giving Oxygen such a high rating, read my full review below.

Weebly Theme Installation Process (And Their INCREDIBLE Product Instructions!!)

I went ahead and bought the Oxygen theme. Luminous offers two editions: standard and developer. I purchased the developer's license because I plan on using their theme to build sites for my clients, and need that multi-use license.

The installation process for premium Weebly themes is quite easy. You just download the .zip, extract it, and then upload it to Weebly.

Just to be safe, I opened up the Oxygen instructions for step-by-step directions on how to install the theme.

And I was blown away by what I saw.

Their Oxygen instructions are by far, the most aesthetically-pleasing, well-designed instructions for any product I've ever seen in my life. Just take a look at some of the screenshots below.

If you're wondering "why is this guy raving about product documentation" let me explain.

Traditionally, instructions for website templates have been quite terrible. This goes for premium Weebly themes, as well as themes for other builders. Companies usually don't invest much time into making good instructions. At best, they'll throw a few paragraphs into a PDF and call it a day.

But here, Luminous really went above and beyond. I've never seen a website template company put this much effort into their instructions. 

Everything is so intuitive--all their instructions are step by step, and make complete sense. It's so easy to get started with their features.

Oxygen is already easy to use. Their instructions make it even easier for beginners.

I can't stress how important this is. When you're a beginner, and you're trying to figure out a Weebly theme, it's critical to have access to easy step by step directions.

Here, Luminous goes above and beyond.

And, as a designer, I can't help but appreciate how lovely their Oxygen instructions are.

So, naturally, I take a look at their installation instructions on how to install the theme, and the instructions are all there in step by step format. Installation is a very simple process and takes just a minute.

All with beautiful simple step-by-step instructions to lead you through the process.

In all honesty, I think Luminous should do more to market just how good their instructions are.

Not only do you get the theme, but you also get an incredible resource on how to make your theme perfect for you and your site.

Anyways, they get a 10/10 from me on product instruction quality and the general installation experience.

Overall Oxygen Weebly Theme Experience

Enough about the product documentation. What's the theme like?

In one word: excellent.

In a sentence: out of the dozens of Weebly themes that I had purchased from a wide variety of theme companies, in my ten years of using Weebly, Oxygen is my favorite one. Other themes by other providers are great too, but Oxygen is just really, really good.

I've used Luminous before. I wrote a review on their Apollo theme, which was already quite good. 

Oxygen takes it a step further. Without a doubt, it's the best Weebly theme I've used, and it completely changes the game.

The beauty of Oxygen is it's as easy to use as a default Weebly theme, yet it comes with features and functionality you didn't think you'd get in Weebly. It's like an upgrade for Weebly.

Oxygen's Page Builder

But what makes Oxygen truly powerful is the page builder that comes with it. This feature, in my opinion, takes the cake.

Oxygen comes with a ton of lovely pre-built professionally designed website blocks and sections.

Basically, these are animated content sections that you won't ever find in any default Weebly theme.

You've got gorgeous image-background-boxes (all of which are animated), split sections, etc.

Plus, you get all the goodies that Oxygen comes with by default, like the legendary PureSlider header slider and their 3D parallax.

Page Builder is a drag 'n drop tool Luminous adds to Oxygen that works seamlessly with Weebly.

It lets you drag and drop all the aforementioned stuff (pre-built professionally designed blocks, their header slider, parallax sections, etc) into your desired layout.

Afterwards, you can take your layout and in seconds import it into Weebly, where you can edit the text, images, etc.

This is an incredible feature because it lets you create absolutely gorgeous page designs in like literally seconds. I'm not exaggerating...all you have to do is drag and drop the blocks you want, in the order you want, and viola. You have a professional webpage that's ready to be edited in Weebly.

No other Weebly theme makers have this incredible feature (though I hope they add it too!). This is a first in Weebly, and as a designer who uses Weebly to build websites for my clients, it's been a lifesaver.

I absolutely love Page Builder. I'm confident you will, too!

Oxygen's Features

Oxygen comes with a ton of really cool features that I love.

One of these is their PureSlider. I reviewed this feature in my Apollo review.

Oxygen includes the same PureSlider, though with newer code.

It's a lovely full-screen auto-play-enabled and swipe-enabled responsive header slider.

It's the best header slider on the market because its (1) fully responsive, (2) super high performance, and (3) swipe-enabled.

The swipe-enabled part is big. It means your visitors on mobile devices can interact with the slider just like with a native app. It adds a level of fluidity to the user experience. And that's always a good thing.

PureSlider lets you add any sort of content you want. You're not limited to just text--you can add a map on one slide, a video on the other slide, and perhaps a contact form on the third slide.

Not saying you should, because that would be a little messy, but you get my point.

It's the flexibility that I absolutely love.

Performance and SEO is fantastic with this slider too. I ran speed score tests, and they've all come back excellent.

Another amazing feature is their so-called "TrueDepth 3D Parallax." 

Basically, these are actual parallax sections. It's much better than the default Weebly "parallax" because Luminous's parallax actually moves in parallax fashion.

Even better, unlike default Weebly themes, the parallax in Oxygen is 100% mobile responsive.

You heard me right. We FINALLY have a way to add mobile-friendly parallax to our Weebly websites.

Words can't express how frustrated I used to get when clients would ask me why their website's parallax isn't working on their mobile devices. My answer used to be "sorry, Weebly is just like this."

But now, with Oxygen, we can add gorgeous parallax sections to our Weebly websites that actually function properly on mobile devices.

Thank you Luminous!! 

Ease of Use

Gone are the days when third-party Weebly themes required a PhD in Quantum Physics to operate.

Oxygen is super easy to use. It's honestly just as easy to use as a default Weebly theme (actually--probably even easier to use because of the Page Builder software), but its 100x more powerful and feature-rich.

In fact, here's a funny story. I recently finished building a Weebly website using Oxygen for a client.

This client has zero technical skills. They warned me ahead of time.

One day, I login to their site, and see a bunch of impressive changes! I thought they hired a designer to make changes and felt like I've been cheated on.

I call them up, and it turns out they were the ones who made the changes! They figured out how to use Oxygen in seconds. They added a few more parallax sections here and there, and added another header slider.

This just goes to show how easy Oxygen is to use.

Final Words

Oxygen is a fantastic Weebly theme. Props to Luminous Themes. Weebly + Oxygen is an incredibly powerful combination that I would recommend to anyone. This combo beats anything else.

Questions? Comments? Critiques? Leave them down in the comments! Thanks for reading my review.

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