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7+ Best Premium Weebly Themes of 2022

One of Weebly's biggest benefits is the ability to install third-party premium website templates, rather than having to rely on Weebly's default generic themes.

This is what sets Weebly apart from the other big players like Squarespace and Wix.

In Squarespace and Wix, you're locked into using their templates. Don't like them? Too bad. Templates have gotten stale? Deal with it.

But with Weebly, you don't have to force yourself to use their default free themes.

And it's a good thing too, because default free Weebly themes are quite boring and limited.

In fact, if you're willing to make the investment, purchasing a premium Weebly theme can be the best decision for your website you'll ever make.

A premium Weebly theme, when installed over your existing Weebly website, will make a massive difference in the way your website looks and feels.

Premium themes add a certain level of sophistication to your website that cannot be attained by default free Weebly themes.

Here's the official TheWeeblyGuide list for the best premium Weebly themes and templates of 2022. All of these have been thoroughly tested by me.

#1: Oxygen Weebly Theme

Oxygen Theme


If you've followed my posts, you may have noticed that Oxygen was the top theme choice in my prior ranking as well.

There's a good reason for that. Oxygen still remains the best Weebly theme on the market.

This year's Oxygen is quite a bit different than last years. Luminous Themes, the creators of Oxygen, are continuously updating this theme and pushing out updates at no cost to their customers.

For example, they've added new header/page layouts and a brand new tool called PageBuilder which is incredibly useful and makes building websites much quicker + simpler (I'll review the tool sometime in the future).

This feature rich theme is just getting better as the months go by.

The theme features a multi-purpose design, but it's particularly great for businesses looking for a professional business theme, an art/portfolio theme, an online store theme, and more.

In these rankings, I also focus on the company that makes them, specifically on their support. When you're dealing with websites, things can break, which is why it's important to go with a company that cares about its customers and has good customer support.

I'm happy to say that Luminous Themes has spectacular customer support. I've contacted them a few times and have gotten helpful responses in the same day.

The documentation and tutorials that come with their themes is amazing as well, featuring step-by-step directions and clear video instructions.

For 2022, thus far, Oxygen remains my #1 top-ranked premium Weebly theme.

#2: Pristine Theme

Pristine Theme


Pristine theme is another beautiful premium Weebly theme that I wholeheartedly recommend.

I've used Pristine on a few occasions and it's truly a gorgeous theme.

An aspect I absolutely love about Pristine is the luxurious high-end design.

It comes with a unique typeface that you won't find in Weebly (though this is customizable) and features gorgeous modules and component sections that really allow your content to be showcased in a professional light.

Pristine is great of websites and businesses that want to portray a more professional aura, and the design is quite beautiful to look at.

Pristine also comes with a ton of pre-built modules and sections that make it insanely quick to build your website.

I'd say Pristine has a pretty multi-purpose design, but it goes especially well for businesses in: 

  • Consulting
  • Art / Photography / Studio
  • Service-based Businesses
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Clothing Firms

It's also entirely customizable, so you can adjust Pristine any way you want to get it to fit your website's branding.

Since this theme is built by Luminous Themes as well, you get their excellent customer support and a very refined product.

#3: Pacific Theme

Pacific Theme


Pacific is another one of my favorites.

It features a beautiful, crisp design that really showcases a blend of professionalism and calm.

What I really like about this theme is the dual-level navigation. You have that black navigation bar on the top, with your text details and social media icons, and then a second navigation bar below it.

Another thing that sets Pacific apart from other Weebly themes is the presence of a global button in the navigation bar.

This is huge, as the navigation bar is always within the view of the user.

So if you have an important call-to-action (like "Get Started") that you want to show your users, putting it in the navigation bar is a great idea.

Pacific is great for companies in: 

  • Wellness Industry
  • Hotel / Resorts
  • General Business Firms
  • Art
  • Tutoring / Mentoring Websites

#4: Apollo Theme

Apollo Theme


Apollo is another beautiful premium Weebly theme.

It's got a gorgeous, modern bold interface and a ton of great features like header sliders (which I really wish Weebly would add to their default themes!)

With its clean interface, it's super easy to use, and comes with great support. What's not to like?

#5: Eco Planet

Eco Theme for Weebly


Eco Planet is another theme I really like.

It's more niche-specific than the prior few themes, but if you have a business in the eco-space, this theme is a great fit to you because it's so specific.

The theme itself is made by Webfire Themes, another company I've had good experiences with.

They also have an interesting pricing structure, you can either purchase the theme outright for $40 or you can pay monthly and get it for $29/month (with full access to their other themes).

#6 - Infiniti Theme

Infiniti Theme for Weebly


Infiniti is another premium Weebly theme that's quite popular. It's built by Baamboo Studios, and features a very professional corporate design.

Baamboo Studios is another great Weebly themes maker, I've used their products to build websites in Weebly and do like them.

Infiniti itself stands out with its many customization options and lots of useful features such as the button in the navigation bar, and wide ranges of navigation styles to choose from.

#7 - Vous Theme

Vous Theme for Weebly


Vous is a clean, modern minimalist theme designed by Baamboo Studios.

It's particularly great for eCommerce Weebly websites and stores, and it comes with a bunch of useful features such as the dual-tiered navigation that I love and a gorgeous style.

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