The Weebly website builder is outdated and approaching end-of-life.

Weebly was acquired by Square, Inc in 2018. Recently, Square has begun to show signals that the Weebly website builder is on its way out, in favor of the Square eCommerce online builder (which is a much more limited website builder).

Having received no updates since 2016, it's evident that the Weebly website builder is on its way out. Weebly website owners need to make a decision now about where they want to take their websites.

I have partnered with a website design agency to offer error-free Weebly website migrations to Webflow, a superior online builder.

the problem

Weebly is slow & outdated

The core Weebly platform hasn't been updated since 2016, and is on its way out. Weebly websites today suffer from  slow loading speeds, security issues, and bugs.

Weebly is outdated and soon to be phased-out.

Awful website loading speeds

Outdated website templates

Terrible for SEO & website traffic

Lack of support

the solution

Webflow is a next-gen builder

Webflow is the leading next-generation website builder. As a no-code visual website builder like Weebly, it's used by both small businesses and Fortune 500 giants alike.

Extremely modern feature-rich platform.

Lightning fast website loading speeds

Modern designer-made website designs

Loved by Google, optimized for SEO

Incredible community & award-winning support.

our mission

We rescue Weebly websites by migrating them to Webflow.

Weebly hasn't had an update since 2016. It's an outdated, legacy builder that is quickly being phased out. If your site is hosted on Weebly, you're website's performance is being compromised.

A Hassle-Free Migration with TransferFx™ Technology

From a collapse in SEO to domain issues, migrating a site can be challenging. I make sure there are no risks to the migration.


Average boost in website speed after migration.


Average increase in organic traffic after migration.


No. of Weebly websites migrated to Webflow.


Migration success rate through our migration method.

Risk-Free Website Migrations

If not done properly, website migrations can be dangerous. From a complete SEO collapse to domain linking issues, a poorly conducted website migration can wreck havoc on your business. But with our TransferFx™ platform, the migration process is risk-free.

seamless migration

We'll migrate your entire Weebly website.

Whether you have an online store, or a blog, we will migrate your entire Weebly website to Webflow. Every page, feature, piece of content, and text on your Weebly website will be seamlessly migrated to Webflow.

Complete website transfer to Webflow

Transfer blogs, products, and everything else

Seamless transfer with zero interruptions


Safe website migrations with TransferFx™

TransferFx is our proprietary technology that lets us guarantee stress-free website migrations. With TransferFx, every component of your website is smoothly transferred to your new website.

Seamless domain transfer to Webflow

Zero detrimental SEO impact

No broken 404 links on your new website

free training

We will familiarize you with Webflow.

After the migration is complete, we will provide help, video training and resources on how to take control of your new Webflow website, how to edit content, and do the things you used to do in Weebly.

Easy to understand video tutorials.

Quickly learn the fundamentals of Webflow.

We're always here to help.

optional add-on

Seeking a Website Design Refresh?

Want to migrate your website to Webflow and give your site a lovely design refresh? Our team of industry-leading designers and developers can give your website a gorgeous professional redesign.

Beautiful Responsive Website Design Refresh in Webflow

A design engineered to increase leads and conversions for your business.

Gorgeous industry-specific design revamps

Designed for maximum search engine performance.

Unlimited design revisions for six months after website published.

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